dimanche 23 octobre 2011

만추(Late Autumn) & きみにしか聞こえない(Only you can hear me).

I've been studying a lot lately, but I had the time to watch two movies, which I really enjoyed and I thought I'd share with you. One is japanese, one is korean, both are very different, but both really moved me to tears.

Let's begin with Late Autumn, the 2010's version, directed by Kim Tae-young.
I saw this movie during the festival of the korean cinema in Paris, this month, and I had almost no idea of what it would be like. I hadn't seen the trailer, only read a short synopsis.
However, this movie has made its way to my heart, and is now one of my favorite movies.
Late Autumn is the story of a young woman, Anna, who murdered her husband to save her life, and therefore was sent to jail. Because of her mother's death, she is allowed to spend two days outside, and that's when she meets Hoon, an original&charming gigolo.
I'm not going further into the story because I really would recommend you to watch it, and I don't want to spoil anything. The actors are great, especially Hyun Bin who plays the role of Hoon, and whom you may know from Secret Garden. Wei Tang(Anna) is also noteworthy in this movie, all in silence and looks. The whole atmospheer of the movie is pretty unique, in lots of grey,brown and dark colors, yet with a lovely&sweet dimension to it. 
This movie is funny, serious, deep&moving. From the begining to the very end, you are carried along and I would definitely watch it again.

Second movie, absolutely different but that I still enjoyed, Only you can hear me.
This is definitely a different style, a different way to film, to portray love but I really appreciated the story.
Ryou is a very lonely girl, who has no friend and feel absolutely invisible and worthless. She doesn't own a cellphone, for the previous reasons, but she suddenly starts hearing the voice of Shinya, who lives in a different prefecture. They will become closer and closer through this telepathic relationship.

I really liked the hint of fantasy in this film, the beautiful landscapes, and melodies. It's a very pretty movie, full of poetry.

Let me know if you have watched these movies, or if there's any movie you think I should see. Preferably in japanese or korean, so that I can practise at the same time;) and because these are the ones I like best.

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  1. Hi! The movies seem very interesting, do you know if is possible to find them in streaming? :)

    PS: nice blog!!

  2. You can find them on drama-crazy.net :)

  3. Thanks! last week I watched a japanese movie entitled "Norwegian Wood" (ノルウェイの森). It's famous, so probably you already know it..anyway, I suggest you to watch it ;)
    It's nice, but also very sad..